BlackCaviar-01242012-DSC_1534 - Black Caviar visits the beach at dawn on 24 January 2012, as part of her leadup to the Australian Stakes on 27 January....

The Image is Everything

Photography is an art form. It captures a mood, an individual's character, and a moment in time.  The Image is Everything.

Visual imagery is one of the most powerful tools in promoting a feeling, a way of life and a way of thinking. It leaves an indelible mark in our minds. But how do you measure the importance of an image? Does it inspire any feeling or emotion?  Does it draw your eye in, and make it almost impossible to look away? Many of us agree that a photograph tells 1000 words. So, if an ordinary photograph tells 1000 words, how many words will a truly great photograph tell?

I have always maintained that images should be strong, and should speak for themselves. They should leap out at the viewer, and make a statement. And above all, they MUST be high quality!  Take the time to think about the images you are about to select. Are they sharp? Are they properly composed and exposed?  Are they high quality?

In the field that I specialise in, which is high class equine imagery, there is a special set of criteria.  Many photographers, skilled though they may be with other subjects, simply do not understand the complexities that come with producing a good quality and flattering image of a horse.  High quality thoroughbred photography should capture speed, power, and the will to win. It should attempt to faithfully portray the swiftness and sheer strength of these athletes. To show the eye of the tiger, and demonstrate the tenacity and courage that great horses show again, and again. It should make the horse look as though it is running at top speed, as indeed they are.

It is a proven fact that many of the best performed racehorses frequently do NOT possess text book perfect conformation and looks. But they still run fast, which is really the ultimate goal, is it not, in the production of the thoroughbred. So think twice about using an image that focuses solely on a horse's conformation, or that is visually uninteresting.

 "The racehorse is splendidly unscientific. The great ones do what they shouldn't be able to do.  The racehorse is proof that two plus two can still come up nine". Les Carlyon. "Chasing a Dream".

Image selection is important. 

Great Imagery is Absolutely worth paying for.... Not all Photographers are the same.

The Image is Important?  No....  The Image is Everything.