About Image Selection

Photography is an art form. It captures a mood, an individual's character and a moment in time.

Image selection, and the choice of which photographer you work with, is vital to the success of most businesses.  Visual imagery is one of the most powerful marketing tools available when promoting a product, a feeling, a way of life and a way of thinking. Good imagery leaves an indelible mark in our minds. But how do you measure the importance of an image and the importance of who took that image?  Does the work of a particular photographer inspire feeling and emotion?  Does it draw your eye in, and make it almost impossible to look away?

I have always maintained that images should be strong, and should speak for themselves. They should leap out at the viewer, make the eye linger and make a statement in their own right. And above all they MUST be correct and they must be honest.

The Image is Everything will help to promote your brand and product through outstanding imagery.  We work with you to ensure that your product will be marketed successfully and we take a long term view to our work.  We understand that the first shoot we do for you should be the beginning of a journey where we document and help you to promote a horse's career on both the track and in the breeding barn. Our brand is associated with the best farms and organisations within the global thoroughbred industry and our promise to you is that our images will make a difference to your marketing and therefore to your success.

Great Imagery is worth paying for.  Not all photographers are created equal.  The Image is Everything.