Why Us

Photography is an art form. It captures a mood, an individual's character and a moment in time.

Image selection, and the choice of which photographer you work with, is vital to the success of most businesses.  Visual imagery is one of the most powerful marketing tools available when promoting a product, a feeling, a way of life and a way of thinking. Good imagery leaves an indelible mark in our minds. But how do you measure the importance of an image? Images should be strong and speak for themselves, leaping out at the viewer and making the eye linger.  They should make a statement in their own right, be correct and honest. Images displayed on this website are displayed 'as shot' and have not been subject to digital manipulation.

Our brand has been associated with the leading organisations in the global thoroughbred industry for the past 15 years.  We promise our images will make a difference to your marketing and therefore to your success by allowing you to promote your brand and product through the use of outstanding quality and visually dynamic imagery.  We take a long term view to our work with you and chose to work with clients who share this core philosophy of ours.  

We believe the first shoot we do for you is only the start of a story that will document and chronicle the career of each horse on the track and on the farm. Our commitment to your product goes far beyond the shoot on the farm because of the time Bronwen devotes to studying yearling catalogues, researching pedigrees, looking through race fields as she watches for the progeny she have worked with when they enter the next stages of their careers.  It is a 'whole of life' approach that sets her apart and is part of what she calls 'completed staff work' where her corporate memory of every horse she works with comes in to play.  

As a stallion photographer, Bronwen has extensive experience working with incredibly valuable stallions.  This assists in bringing out the best in your stallion in a safe and practical way.  Because Bronwen has owned horses all her life she is also well equipped to work with the idiosyncrasies of each horse and it doesn't hurt that she's a parent either because working with children and horses can be eerily similar!  Bronwen's eye and reflexes are kept sharp by her work on the track and she consistently produces images of stallions at liberty that are sharp and well composed. Her experience allows her to read the stallion's behaviour which help maximise the chance of getting the maximum number of sharp photographs of your stallion which will be shot at the right angle and in the optimal outline and frame.

As racetrack photographers Bronwen and Darren are fully accredited with both Racing Victoria and Racing NSW and in Victoria they are uniquely placed being one of only three independent photographers granted a Restricted Commercial Licence which allows industry participants to use their racetrack imagery in commercial marketing as an alternative to RVL's own Racing Photos.  Their presence on track ensures the ongoing variety of the image pool as well as the correctness that is vital for bloodstock advertising. 

Imagery is supplied via the new PhotoShelter image database that is fully searchable and maintains your image collection ** for years to come.  Clients have the capacity to re-download any image at any time, and multiple people within your organisation can have instantaneous access to our library.  There is more information about the database on the "Image Distribution" page.

As a team we strive for excellence. We seek to produce images that stand alone and captivate the eye and the heart. We want clients to use our images because we took them and because they are the best. We do not engage in the 'race to the bottom'. Our philosophy while shooting at events is, and will always be, that our primary focus must be on capturing images. We understand that when organisations give in to the perils of 'now now now!' the biggest loser is always core content. We emphasise that we choose to work with organisations who value and respect our creative input and allow us to do our job, because while we welcome image briefs, our expectation is that you treat us as professionals who know their craft and will engage us in a way that allows our creative and artistic eye to bring out the best in our subjects.  We continue to invest in new capital purchases and have recently taken delivery of some new pieces of equipment which we are looking forward to using during the 2020 stallion season.

** IMPORTANT:  Stud farm images are accessible/searchable/downloadable indefinitely for OUR REGULAR/REPEAT CLIENTS ONLY.  If we are not doing regular/repeat work for your farm we will provide download access for a period of 3 months from the date of the shoot.  After this date, download access will be removed. This policy reflects our strong belief that long term working relationships are beneficial to both our businesses and is a core aspect of our approach to our work.

Great Imagery is worth paying for.  Not all photographers are created equal. The Image is Everything.