Print Sales

Customers are able to purchase a variety of images directly from the website.  We use a professional photo laboratory in Melbourne to maintain the highest level of quality and we have recently added some new product options:

1) Chromira unframed print on GLOSS or LUSTRE paper

  • Beautiful for natural skin tones, LUSTRE is the most popular choice for portrait and wedding photographers.  Even those the intense colours are dulled slightly, the stippled surface of the paper means that the prints can be touched with bare hands and passed around without fear of fingerprints.  Even if the prints eventually become smudged, the prints can be easily wiped with a lint-free cloth and polished back to perfection.
  • The accurate reproduction of colour and the beautiful rich blacks means that prints on GLOSS stand out as part of any presentation and perfect for portfolios.  Fingerprints can be gently removed with a lint-free cloth, but caution is required.

2) Chromira prints MOUNTED on 20mm Kapa Mount, with stringer hanger on the back included in the price.  The print can either be in Lustre or Gloss finish, and we include the black edging service in the price.

  • Kapa is an extremely lightweight mount and has a grey centre core with an aluminium foil liner to give it extra strength.  With a smoother surface than foam-core it is often used to hang directly to a wall, so we utilise the black edging to hide the grey core.  The board is 20mm thick.  

3) Canvas prints, stretched on to a high quality frame and wire hung.  There is the choice of PQ (22mm thickness) or Bumper (32mm thickness) wood profiles.

  • Fine Art Canvas wraps are printed using only the finest material.  100% cotton canvas, printed on the latest epson inkjet printer, and then protected with a special varnish to prevent scratches.  This gives the finished canvas a matte appearance.  The cotton fabric has a texture that matches a painters canvas, so if you are trying to reproduce an original painting or artwork look, this is a lovely choice. 

I regret that not all racetrack imagery in Victoria is available for sale to the public. This is due to restrictions imposed by Racing Victoria who prefer that the public only chose from their own 'official' photographers, Racing Photos.  However due to our good relationship with RVL we have procured a process where, if Racing Photos do not have a 'like' photo, permission can be sought on a case by case basis for the sale to proceed.  

Finally, if you are looking for a particular image, or horse, please get in touch because this galleries on this website are not complete. Equally if you are having trouble locating an image within a gallery please also send me an email.